Monday, September 22, 2014

POPTOYS 1/6 EX001 Wildness Survivor.

POPTOYS’ first boxed 1/6 ration action figure—“the man on the top of food chain”—EX001 Wildness Survivor, jungle version. Order with raffle, free and cash back!
In order to guarantee the quality of the product, we take very long time to do research and development. Thank you for all the players’ attention and support during this period of time. Real quick drying waterproof fabric is used to reappear wearing effect of this product; epoxy resin is used to manufacture the pool to reappear the real jungle scene; wood base and inscriptions are added to make the product more valuable. To cope with the image of man stand on the top of the food chain, we choose three kinds of representative “food”—spider, scorpion and salmon as accessories. We really expect that players will like this well-made product.
POPTOYS will release EX series—exquisite boxed action figure. There will be more themes of this series in the future, please expect!
Notice: POPTOYS official website( is updating, visit is not allowed, please forgive!
High simulation head*1
Outdoor backpack*1
Climbing boots*1
Survival machetes*1
Small survival knife*1
Kettle bag*1
Survival bracelet(Hand-woven)*1
Climbing rope*1
Skydiving goggle*1
Branches (with small survival knife)*1
Crocodile skull*1
Scene platform*1
Free raffle
The player who reserve or buy this product and then become member of POPTOYS can take part in this activity, since the day we receive reservation to the day of the 60th day after the official release. We will return the cash equals to the official retail price of the product to the winner’s alipay or papal account.
There will be four winners in this activity: two in China(include Chinese mainland, HK, Macao and Taiwan) and the other two outside China.
How to become member of POPTOYS?
2.Scan the QR code on the card in box with your mobile phone.
3.Visit POPTOYS official website, and input verification code(each box of product has a unique verification code ) on the card.
Input your personal information.

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