Wednesday, October 29, 2014

RoboCop 1.0 in action and pre-order information / By threezero

Many of you wanted to see RoboCop 1.0 collectible photographed in action! We are happy to help and share these shots with you prior to RoboCop 1.0 pre-order tomorrow.

RoboCop 1.0 collectible will be available for pre-order at

 on October 30th 09:00AM Hong Kong time for 230USD/1780HKD with worldwide shipping included in the price.

This fully articulated, highly detailed figure stands at 12.5” (around 32cm) tall and features a realistic metallic paint application and an LED light-up feature on the front of his helmet.

Orders placed at
 will feature interchangeable Alex Murphy's head with realistic likeness to his on-screen appearance (this offer is exclusive to threezerostore) and removable helmet visor.

RoboCop 1.0 comes with two weapons: Stun gun & Machine gun and additional hand sculpts. Stun gun & Machine gun (can be extended manually) for inserting into the built-in holsters in RoboCop's thighs just like in the film, and also comes with Stun gun & Machine gun for holding in hands.

RoboCop 1.0 details:
* fully articulated figure;
* figure stands ~12.5" (around 32cm) tall;
* highly detailed mechanical design;
* helmet features LED light-up visor;
* realistic paint application highlighting the details;
* both Stun gun & Machine gun can pop out from left and right built-in holsters;
* both guns can be manually extended;
* 3 kinds of interchangeable hands - relaxed hands, fists & gun holding hands;
* AG1 X 3 button cell batteries (batteries not included)

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