Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Fantasy Warrior EXPANSION KIT (Code KP-XXL-EXP1) / By Kaustic Plastik & Modern Life head

Name of the product: The Fantasy Warrior EXPANSION KIT (Code KP-XXL-EXP1)

What is this?
With the former kit you can make a custom figure inspired by Conan the Barbarian.
With this Expansion you can make Conan the Destroyer OR you can add extra details on the former kit (I included one picture of the former kit, with the add of items from Expansion)

In the picture I sent you we used: KP02XXL body and Modern Life head

As you can see the result is impressive! :)
Release date: December 2014

Items inside the kit:
1) Long Boots (Longer than XXL set 1 Kit)
2) Darker leather gauntlet (Darker than XXL set 1 Kit)
3) Sword + Leather Scabbard + Strap/Belt
4) Dagger + Leather Scabbard
5) Long Axe
6) Special Belt with Dragon Incision
7) Leather pants
8) Fur Skirt
9) Double Snake pendant
10) Wheel pendant

This Kit it's 100% compatible with KP02XXL body and XXL set 1


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