Wednesday, December 24, 2014

POPTOYS 1/6 “the man on the top of food chain”—EX001 Wildness Survivor, jungle version

POPTOYS 1/6 “the man on the top of food chain”—EX001 Wildness Survivor, jungle version(two heads included) completed!The official pictures are released!

We have received a lot of attention and expected comments from domestic and international forums after Wildness Survivor’s official pictures are released. To be honest, this product can’t be described as “terrible”, but we have noticed that some players are not satisfied with its head. After discussion,The original head will be remained, at the same time, we will carve another head. Therefore, this product contained two heads.

Even though it’s risky that the progress of production may be delayed and we may bear the loss of profit, we still insist to do so.

Thank you for all your constant attention to this product! We will continue to reform and improve our production process to pay back the support from players.

Real quick drying waterproof fabric is used to reappear wearing effect of this product; epoxy resin is used to manufacture the pool to reappear the real jungle scene; wood base and inscriptions are added to make the product more valuable. To cope with the image of man stand on the top of the food chain, we choose three kinds of representative “food”—spider, scorpion and salmon as accessories. We really expect that players will like this well-made product.
POPTOYS will release EX series—exquisite boxed action figure. There will be more themes of this series in the future, please expect!

it will be put into market in the 1st quater of 2015.


High simulation head*2
Outdoor backpack*1
Climbing boots*1
Survival machetes*1
Small survival knife*1
Kettle bag*1
Survival bracelet(Hand-woven)*1
Climbing rope*1
Skydiving goggle*1
Branches (with small survival knife)*1
Crocodile skull*1
Scene platform*1

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