Thursday, March 12, 2015

ACI Toys 1/6 Crusader Knight Templars

ACI Toys 1/6 Crusader Knight Templars                             

Item No.: ACI 24

 ACI24A   Knight Templar Brother                  
ACI24B   Templar Knight Sub-field Marshal       
ACI24C   Templar Knight Banner Holder      
ACI24D   Templar Knight Sergeant Brother 

Knight Templars Armors include:
1.  Closed Helmet (Die-cast Metal) with movable visor
2.  A pair of Medieval Knights Gauntlets (Plastic)
3.  A pair of Vambrace (Die-cast Metal)
4.  Chain mail Hauberk and Chain mail Coif (both made of plastic fabric, not real metal chain)
5.  Chain Mail Chausses (Sock) (made of plastic fabric)
Knight Templars Costume include (All with handmade worn effect):
1.  Templar Knight Surcoat
ACI24A White;  ACI24B Black;  ACI24C White;  ACI24D Black
2.  Templar Knight Cloak with Fur
ACI24A White;  ACI24B White;  ACI24C Black;  ACI24D Black
3.  Gambeson
4.  Breeches
5.  Handmade Fabric Boots
Knight Templars Weapons include:
1. Great Sword (Die-cast Metal) with scabbard and baldric
2. Dagger (Die-cast Metal) and Sheath
3. Available in ACI24A and ACI24D only:  Mace (Die-cast metal head, plastic handle)
4. Available in ACI24B and ACI24C only:   Lance with banner (Die-cast Metal Lance tip)
5. Shield with holding straps
1.  Detailed Sculpted Head
2.  Extra Fake Head, with Chain mail Coif (made of plastic fabric) fixed on the head, for wearing helmet
3.  Body: Medium Built Body-Christian, New improved version, over 30 points of articulation
4.  Gloved hand x 2 pairs ( Left Pointing, Right: Fist, Left and Right: Grabbing) 

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