Friday, August 21, 2015

French Crusader General - Balian - By Pangaea Toy

French Crusader General - Balian

- Detailed sculpted head with synthetic hair wig. Every piece is professionally hand painted. 
- Body : Medium built body-Christian, New improved version, over 30 points of articulation
- Gloved hand x 5 pcs ( 3 x Left Gloved hand, 2 x Right Gloved hand)
- Norman conical helmet (Die-cast metal)
- Chain mail hauberk and chain mail coif (both made of plastic fabric, not real metal chain)
- Chain mail chausses (made of plastic fabric, not real metal chain)
- Great sword (Die-cast metal blade) with scabbard and baldric
- Shield with holding straps
- Surcoat
- Cloak
- Tunic
- Breeches

- Handmade fabric boots with spur

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