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DAMTOYS 1/6 Gangsters Kingdom - Heart A Billy(GK012)

CHAPTER 5: J’s counterattack.

Section 1:
 A declined family

A person has only one destiny 

  Story of the hearts family began in the 60’s. They dug their first pot of gold by robbery and protection money, then started their drug business. After 20 years of operation, the hearts family rose up rapidly in the 80’s and gradually became the largest mobster in New York. The King of hearts has three sons. The first son, a daredevil, was in his prime of life; He enlarged the gambling, drug and firearms business and led the family to its glory. However, he was devoured by the rotten environment of the 80’s and finally died on a hooker’s bed due to drug overdose. Mourning his lost, the King of hearts left all the hope upon his second son. This young man did not fail him; he finished a MBA course in Stanford, spoke three languages, and had a clever brain with bold guts. With the help of his background, he managed to lead the family rising up again in the late 90’s. But good time does not last long, he was assassinated in 2003 and his body was discovered weeks later on a distant beach. For the second time, the King of hearts fell into grief.
  Little Billy, the Ace of hearts, was King’s third son. He was given birth by a mistress, and his mother died on overdose just few years later. Billy was sickly and frail in his childhood, lived under the shadow of his powerful older brothers, and never caught the attention of King. His own cowardly nature, the bully and humiliation from his brothers, and the unconcern of his father had eventually twisted his long-depressed mind; He began to abuse and slaughter stray dogs to get off. One day when he was 14, he saw his big brother interrogating someone, someone coated in blood. This poor bastard was tied up in a chair; his hands were nailed on the armrest, dripping blood. Big bother grabbed Billy in front of the chair and handed him a hammer and a nail. Surprisingly Billy was not scared to cry by the scene, his eyes looked gloomy with a hint of killing intention. Big brother slapped Billy’s back of head, dispersed the last of his hesitation. Billy clasped the hammer, and thwacked the nail into the poor guy’s hand, causing a burst of screams, and then he pried out the nail, slowly. Accompanied by the scream, Billy’s mind began to transform at this moment. In the following years, he became more and more used to these screams and began to enjoy it; He loved to torture and torment human beings in such way. His turned into a sociopath, and he loved to blow people’s brain out with a shotgun, just for the momentary thrills.

  One year after his second son died, the King of hearts heard the news that Ogier, the J of Spades, was forced to leave the spades family. Already lost two of his sons, King saw his two sons’ image on Ogier. King appreciated Ogier’s potential and invited him to join the hearts family. He put Ogier in more and more important positions, but this placed a grudge in Billy’s heart. As Ogier’s influence in the hearts family growing, Billy’s position kept falling, and his anger could no longer be suppressed. Billy would not tolerate this, so he decided to take revenge. But Billy did not have the guts to confront the mighty Ogier; he could only sneak attack people around him.

  Ogier met his nurse girlfriend in a hospital. One time he was severely wounded and hospitalized, the first image he saw after waking up was a beautiful face. He was melted in her sweet smiles, and they soon become lovers. Billy observed everything in the dark; He is ready to take revenge.
  Indulged in love and having a successful career, Ogier was not as vigilant as usual, and he did not notice the resentful eyes gazing at him in the shadow. He finally realized his mistake after receiving an engagement ring with blood, but it was already too late.

  On that night where rain poured down, in that bar “poison”, Ogier’s fury eventually turned into a bullet that ended up all these.

  Blood is always thicker than water. Despite of the King of hearts’ appreciation of Ogier, he could not accept the loss of his last son. This fading white-haired man has lived three times through the grief of losing his son. The biggest agony and torment of human life made King diverting all the pain and hatred to Ogier: He put a bounty on him, dead. After getting rid of several hired guns, Ogier decided to flee to Rio, Brazil…

DAMTOYS 1/6 Gangsters Kingdom  - Heart A  Billy(GK012)


2.Action bady
3.white shirt
4.Suit vest+ red handkerchief
5.White dust coat
6.Suit pants
7.tie belt
9.Bloody white shirt
10.Bloody suit pants
11.Head cover
12.Flocking hats
14.rapid speedload
15.Shotgun bullets x6
16.Palm (3)
17.Nail in Palm (A pair)
18.Glove Palm(A pair)
19.Foot (A pair)
20.Leather shoes+socks(A pair)
21.The hammer
22.Torture chair
23.Ankle bracelets

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