Saturday, April 30, 2016

"MARVEL Harajuku pop-up store" "Civil War / Captain America" - Photos shared by Hot Toys Japan

Limited shop to commemorate the release of the movie "Civil War / Captain America"
"MARVEL Harajuku pop-up store" was finally open than today!
Reports and in-store, the pattern of the first day was a great success in the photo!

This event being held until May 15 (Sunday).
Everyone of your visit, we look forward to!

Civil War / Captain America public commemoration "MARVEL Harajuku pop-up store"
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Friday, April 29, 2016

Stan Lee Collectible Figure Final Product Photos By Dick Po, 小丙夢幻人偶部屋-Siuping Cinematic Figure Club, 橙默style, PLASTIC ENEMIES

Hey true believers! The man, the living legend Stan Lee has arrived!

Fans please enjoy these great photos taken by bloggers of the 1/6th scale Stan Lee collectible figure's final product!


#StanLee #LivingLegend