Friday, April 15, 2016

Dolls’ Oddsaga- 1:6 Exo-Skeleton collectible figure :\\OUTER HEAVEN\


There are two worlds:
One is HOPE, upon the sky and untouchable
The other is DESPAIR, under your foot and Inevitable

You are a screw of social machinery
Who always runs by rule
Until been abandoned, because you had been broken inside out.

Confront the desperate, you have only two options:
Rise up against the fate from silent, or die in it.
Sacrifice what you own, you fuse yourself with the machine which would be able to fight against the demon

And now, you are the machine of hell
You are the rebel who arms yourself with the iron bones
You are the reverser of fate’s sandglass for those who you care about
You have to fall the HEAVEN
You have to let the kingdom come to earth
You have to make blissful lure into blessing of faith

Dolls’ Oddsaga proudly presents the world’s first third-party 1:6 Exo-Skeleton collectible figure, which expresses movability by precision, improves texture by metal, and delivers passion by details.

We are looking forward to your Jump in …

Gear up and Fight! // PART LIST //
- Highly Detailed Likeness Head Sculpture * 1
- Full Functional Exo-Skeleton (Undetachable) * 1
- Durable Body * 1
- Ak47 (Heavily Modified) * 1
- Ak47 Clips * 2
- Electro-Magnetic Rail Gun * 1
- Electro-Magnetic Rail Gun Clip * 1
- Hands * 3
- T-shirt * 1
- Jeans * 1
- Sneakers * 1
- Gauzes * 2
- Multi-function background wall and platform (with figure stand) * 1

// SPEC //
- Head, Hands: PVC
- Body: PVC, ABS, POM
- Exo-Skeleton: ABS, Metal
- Shoes: PVC
- AK47 (Heavily Modified): ABS, Metal, Wood
- Electro-Magnetic Rail Gun: ABS
- Costume: Fabric
- Background wall and platform (with figure stand): ABS
- Package: Color Box + High Density Sponge
+ Metal Parts represent about 65% of total parts (body & head excluding). Please kindly find diagram of metal parts location below.


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