Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hot Toys Tokyo flagship store events of "Toy sapiens" "Alien sapiens" - Photos by Hot Toys Japan

Hot Toys Tokyo flagship store events of "Toy sapiens"
"Alien sapiens".
Finally we start than "Alien Day" a is April 26 (Tuesday)!

Actually I started shooting for the props used in the filming of the movie "Alien" series,
Exhibit valuable prototypes and successive figures of "Movie Masterpiece".
In addition, Reebok has released by the team-up with 20th Century Fox, Inc.
And "Alien Stomper Hi," "Alien Stomper Mid" also has display.
This event limited edition items are also sold a large number do not miss!

Everyone of your visit, we look forward to.

"Alien sapiens" Click here for details

To commemorate the "Alien Day" on April 26,
Hot Toys Tokyo flagship store in "Toy sapiens"
20 Century Fox official event was held from today
"Alien sapiens".

To commemorate the "Alien Day", and welcomed the public 30 years "Aliens",
Reebok Inc. and Twentieth Century Fox has released do the team up,
Sigourney Weaver played Ellen Ripley had to wear in the movie
And high-cut shoes "Alien Stomper Hi" (all the world 426 feet only),
The mid cut type "Alien Stomper Mid" are on display (the whole world 1986 feet only).

In addition, [Movie Masterpiece] soon to be announced, "Aliens"
Even during the exhibition 1/6 scale figure Ripley & Power Loader of the prototype.
Original Reebok cooperation, has been precisely reproduced
1/6 Ripley wearing a "Alien Stomper Hi" of the scale is a must see!

Limited shoes and valuable "Movie Masterpiece"
This chance you can see carefully, do not miss


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