Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"Nothing Will Stand in Our Way" "Chewie, we're home." May the 4th be with you!

“Show me, grandfather, and I will finish what you started.”

Hot Toys’ first 1/4th scale collectible figure from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming. Prepare to meet the fiery dark warrior soon!

Happy Star Wars Day everyone and may the Force be with you!

#StarWars #TheForceAwakens

Hey Star Wars fans, we’ve got another great news to share with you all!

“Chewie, we’re home.”

They need no further introduction. Get yourselves prepare for the infamous smuggler and his trusted co-pilot!

May the 4th be with you! 

Today is May the 4th the annual Star Wars Day! To celebrate this special day, Hot Toys has some exciting news to share with all Star Wars fans!
Found someone you have, we would say. Get ready to meet Hot Toys’ 1/6th scale collectible figure of the legendary Jedi Master soon!
More great news of Hot Toys’ Star Wars collectible figures are coming, stay tuned!

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